Branding Identity

Brand Naming

A great brand name starts a conversation and invites further inquiry. You have a solid business idea, product line or professional service offering, but need help developing the ideal company name. Our process produces a memorable brand name that becomes your unique signature while also promoting expansion in the market.

Logo Design

Your unique brand identity needs to be recognized by everyone. After our creative discovery, we produce initial sketch concepts of a logo. You then choose one of those concept designs for refinement. The final logo design is used for all your branding and marketing materials. Along with a beautiful logo, we develop an identity system that includes colors, typography, and a pattern or icons specific for your branding.

Brand Style Guide

We develop a guide to ensure that your branding is used consistently throughout all communications and collateral moving forward. This guide nicely packages everything so that it is understandable and scalable. This helps all your team members stay aligned with who you are and why you do business. We document your brand purpose, voice, logo usage, identity system (colors, fonts, patterns), and application of brand identity across different areas.