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Printnology Mike adn Dee

Family Matters

In 2003, Printnology was created when we combined three specialized printing companies into one full-service company. Because of this, our customers have easy access to our extensive technologies and services without having to work with multiple companies.

More than that, our expertise spans several decades. Michael Engerer has 35 years of experience in the printing and graphics industry. He became interested in the trade while watching his father, Bob, work as a pressman in Detroit. Earlier, Michael’s grandfather, John, who came from Malta to America in the 1930s, worked in the printing industry in both Detroit and Joliet, Illinois.

You can see that printing has always been in Michael’s life. After taking trade classes, he started out as a pressman. He quickly worked his way into commercial printing sales and became a top performer. Through his entrepreneurial spirit, Michael founded his own company and worked to grow long-term customer relationships.

Michael’s wife, Dee, works in sales and marketing for Printnology, and together they have broadened the product line from printing, design and marketing specialties to also include signage. The couple and their son, Chase, are proud members of the Novi community.